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[招聘] 华为IT应用工程师招聘

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About Huawei
·        Our products and solutions have beendeployed in over 140 countries, serving more than one third of the world’spopulation.  
·        Our business language is English:Unlike other players in the industry, we truly offer an English languagedominated environment. This means: the opportunity to work in a multinationalwith people from multiple backgrounds- a deep enhancement for any resume.
·        We seek and reward talent. AtHuawei, if you are driven and show results, you will see these effortsrewarded. We have a culture that rewards hard work and dedication. We don’ttake people for granted.
·        18 locations in Germany. 5 Research& Development Centers. 1600+ employees in Germany.  Yes, we aregrowing!
·        We operate globally!  We arethe largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world, and we aregoing for more every day.  Who wouldn’t want to have this on their resume?
·        We are friendly and we like it thatway:  At Huawei, we have a nice working environment. Doors are open, andpeople collaborate with each other in a non-political manner. It’s fun comingto work!
·        We offer international realprofessional development opportunities. Anywhere you are, Huawei is there!
·        We are diverse, and we embrace it -We have more than 150 nationalities worldwide. Working at Huawei, not only willyou grow as a professional, but you will enrich your life!
For furtherinformation, please visit us now at

IT  Engineer
Job location: Dusseldorf
Main Responsibilities:
1.     WEU EBG digital transformation and solution deployment:  output the adapted IT application solutionbased on the frontline business scenarios, and implement the transformation andIT value in the region.
2.     Analyze business pain points and requirements of the region, and take thelead in designing and implementing IT solutions.
3.     Be responsible for regional IT tool planning (Power BI or Tableau digitaltools), implementation, and operation.
4.     Partner and internal user IT system training and requirement management
5.     Partner system B2B integration
·        General requirements:
1. Be familiarwith the professional knowledge of at least one business domain (sales,delivery, supply, marketing, finance, HR, etc.).
2. Be able toskillfully use the Office and master the Power BI/Tableau.
3.Be familiarwith the theoretical methods and tools for IT requirement management and ITproject management.
4. Goodorganization, coordination, and communication skills.
·        Experience
At least half a year of work experience (including internexperience)
·        Language
o    English
o    German
Please send your detailed Resume/CV(photo attached) in English via E-Mail to [email protected] indicating the position you applyfor.
3、负责区域IT工具规划(Power BI或者Tableau数字化工具)、实施和运营。

2、能熟练使用Office,掌握Power BI/Tableau者优先

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