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[招聘] 德国汉堡QYRESEARCH GmbH招聘市场分析师,项目经理和营销总监

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QYResearch Gmbh Recruitment Market Research Analyst,Market Survey Project Manager,Regional Marketing Director.
QYResearch Gmbh招聘市场研究分析师,市场调查项目经理,区域营销总监。
QYResearch looking for Market Research Analyst  Market Survey Project Manager Regional Marketing Director in Hamburg Germany in order to help QYResearch Europe or Germany Customers and Marketing business, hope you like market research or consulting and with no less than 2 Years experience and also manage some market survey or research reports or custom research job during your position and also get client good feedback.
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德国汉堡QYResearch Gmbh招聘市场研究分析师,市场调查项目经理和区域营销总监,以帮助QYResearch欧洲和德国市场营销工作,希望您喜欢市场研究或咨询行业,并且具有不少于2年的工作经验,并在您的工作期间从事过市场调查、研究报告或定制研究方面的工作,并获得客户良好的反馈。
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Also need you like marketing job as QYResearch Gmbh is a new established company. is a global leading market survey and research company in the world and there are a lot of Europe clients want to purchase the reports and QYResearch want to support local and convenient service.

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So hope you like serve our customers and also like to offer marketing and market survey service for Germany and Europe or Global QYResearch Germany first director.

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We hope you can build a team for Germany market survey and research business and also can work with pressure and also good at En Ge language.

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If you interesting in this job, please send us your email to [email protected] or [email protected], we will contact you if match.

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Geschäftsanschrift:Barnerstraße 11, 22765 Hamburg

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德国汉堡QYResearch Gmbh招聘市场研究分析师,市场调查项目经理和区域营销总监,以帮助QYResearch在欧洲和德国的市场营销工作,希望您喜欢市场研究或咨询行业,并且具有不少于2年的工作经验,并在您的工作期间从事过市场调查丶研究报告或定制研究方面的工作。联系邮箱:[email protected]
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德国汉堡QYResearch Gmbh招聘市场研究分析师,市场调查项目经理和区域营销总监,以帮助QYResearch在欧洲和德国的市场营销工作,希望您喜欢市场研究或咨询行业,并且具有不少于2年的工作经验,并在您的工作期间从事过市场调查丶研究报告或定制研究方面的工作。联系邮箱:[email protected]
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