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[招聘] 杜塞华为找IT实习生

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杜塞华为找IT实习生,主要参与数据可视化大屏建设,要求尽快到岗,如有兴趣的同学请发简历到[email protected]

BI Intern
Job location: Dusseldorf, Germany
Main Responsibilities:

1. Requirement analysis: Participate in Huawei delivery projects, participate in the analysis of tool requirements during the digital transformation of Huawei Carrier BG, and use advanced tools/technologies, such as BI/AI, to provide the best solution.

2. Design and development: As a delivery tool SE, complete application design and code development based on Huawei delivery IT system or platform services. Work with the development team to solve related technical problems.

3. Implementation and operation: Maintain regular communication with related teams, and be responsible for the reliability (availability, high performance, and recoverability) of delivery tools, support implementation and go-live, and respond to users' help-seeking (training).

Business knowledge requirements:
1. Have strong learning capabilities. Be able to quickly master the service processes related to Huawei digital delivery and apply them to development and design.
2. Be able to independently complete the design and development of small-and medium-sized software architecture, quickly locate technical problems, and provide solutions.
3. Be able to communicate with relevant technical teams about the solution and promote the implementation of the solution.
Professional skill requirements:
1. Proficient in one popular development language (such as Python and Java). Have Python/VBA development experience.
2. Have a good understanding of common database systems such as SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL, and have experience in developing database scripts and SQL statements.
3. Be familiar with BI software and systems such as tableau or PowerBI. Experience in Microsoft SQLserver/Azure Analysis Service development and deployment is preferred.
4. Have an understanding of various open source frameworks, such as Spring. Have a basic command of the MVC architecture. Have a good understanding and design of common frameworks and modules. Have strong learning capabilities.
[Option Background]: Software bachelor
        •        ISDP development: Java development experience, familiar with J2EE. Proficient in database development, Oracle or MS SQL SERVER 2000+; manage source code with VSS,CVS,SVN,GIT.
        •        Design VBA program in Excel 2013+;
        •        Power BI report: analyze and design report or graphic view in Power BI;
        •        Make a robot in RAP/Kapow platform
        •        Basic Knowledge of project management.
Basic Knowledge of Telecommunication principle
Excellent competent user of MS tools
What we offer
We offer an international career with professional development opportunities. You will gain exposure to the latest technologies. Our office is a dynamic and friendly place, where like minded professionals exchange and build know-how. We promote and reward talent and invite you to grow with us.

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Please send your CV in English via email to [email protected] indicating the position you are applying for, your motivation to join, salary expectations and your earliest start date

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