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Digital Factories” Propel Shaoxing’s Intelligent Manufacturing 数字工厂”引领“绍兴智造
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On May 22, at the “Future Factory” of Zhejiang Jiecang Linear Motion Technology Co., Ltd., a new product called the “Quick Desk” was designed at the headquarters in Xinchang and then sent to production bases in the United States, Europe, and Malaysia via an information platform. Jiecang’s project manager, Ma Yong, explained to reporters that from the initial phase of “machines replacing humans” to automated workshops and now to the “Future Factory,” the company’s global market competitiveness has steadily increased thanks to three stages of digital transformation.
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Since the beginning of this year, Xinchang County has vigorously implemented the “No. 1 Development Project” for innovation and quality improvement in the digital economy, using the construction of “Future Factories” as a guide to drive the digital empowerment of manufacturing. At the same time, Xinchang is optimizing its new manufacturing hierarchy by establishing a tiered cultivation system: encouraging small and micro enterprises to adopt cloud computing, medium-sized enterprises to build smart factories (digital workshops), and large enterprises to develop future factories. In Xinchang, the added value of core industries in the digital economy has grown by over 15% annually, accounting for 7.2% of GDP, ranking first in the city and creating a rapid development model for mountainous counties.' N& {! K4 p1 U1 C7 x
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The “Xinchang Model” of digital transformation in the bearing industry has been promoted across the province. Xinchang has over 600 bearing companies, and after embracing industrial digitalization, the overall cost of the bearing industry has decreased by 12%, labor costs have dropped by nearly 50%, and profit margins have doubled, significantly enhancing the industry’s competitiveness. In the automated production workshop of Zhejiang SLB Automotive Bearing Company, machines operate in an orderly manner, with sensor data analyzed by the “Bearing Industry Brain” and displayed on screens, making equipment status, product output, and quality data clear at a glance. “With data analysis from the industry brain, we can accurately monitor workshop production progress, improving production efficiency by 20%,” said Lü Lekan, the head of SLB’s automated workshop.
9 G  o5 O! Q; o7 N- ~. P轴承行业数字化转型的“新昌模式”,在全省得到推广。据介绍,新昌县有600余家轴承企业,搭上产业数字化快车后,轴承行业综合成本下降12%,用工成本下降近50%,利润率翻了1倍,行业整体竞争力显著提升。浙江斯菱汽车轴承公司自动化生产车间内,机器设备有序运转,设备传感器数据通过“轴承产业大脑”分析后展现在显示屏上,设备状况、产品产量及质量等数据一目了然。“借力产业大脑的数据分析,可以精准掌握车间生产进度,生产效率提升了20%。”斯菱轴承自动化车间主任吕乐侃说。  }: F( e1 q& s' }3 H( {) i3 b! b

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/ j7 T% ^( p( ~Leveraging smart manufacturing bases like the Intelligent Equipment Town, Xinchang has built industrial internet platforms for sectors including bearings, textiles, capsules, and machinery, enabling resource sharing and collaborative development along the industrial chain. According to a representative from the Xinchang County Economic and Information Bureau, the county has been pushing for comprehensive digital transformation across industries, helping SMEs move their manufacturing operations to the cloud with policy subsidies. Currently, the industrial internet platform in Xinchang has connected 25,000 devices to the cloud, with over 1,200 registered enterprises, of which more than 80% are SMEs.
) Q& @2 b1 s) ?7 T' u/ _; U# |依托智能装备小镇等智造基地,新昌先后建设了轴承、纺织、胶囊、机械等行业工业互联网平台,实现行业资源共享、产业链协同发展。新昌县经信局有关负责人介绍,近年来,新昌一直推动数字化改造全行业覆盖,帮助中小企业制造业务“深度上云”,并对应用企业给予政策补助。目前,新昌县工业互联网平台上云设备达2.5万台,注册企业1200多家,中小企业占比达80%以上。' C) }1 ^$ g( ]% ~' N& F: Q  S
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. G" S3 |; c) Z% E# h9 cOur city is focusing on the “No. 1 Development Project” for innovation and quality improvement in the digital economy, accelerating the creation of a modern industrial system centered on the digital economy. Under the empowerment of digital technologies, Shaoxing’s traditional manufacturing sectors are embracing new technological vitality. Advanced digital technologies such as 5G, industrial internet, artificial intelligence, edge computing, and machine vision are widely used on production lines in our city’s SMEs. A representative from the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau stated that the city will leverage the opportunity of being one of the province’s first pilot counties for SME digital transformation to deeply advance the digital transformation of the textile dyeing, smart kitchen appliances, and bearing industries, promoting the “learn and imitate” model to achieve an 80% digital coverage rate among large-scale enterprises.- a) g( [/ X1 n9 d
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Currently, the city is fully implementing a five-year action plan to strengthen intelligent manufacturing, further promoting and upgrading intelligent transformation to cover all large-scale enterprises and establishing the “Shaoxing Intelligent Manufacturing” brand. In 2023, the city aims to complete the intelligent transformation of over 860 enterprises, establish 2 new “Future Factories,” and create 15 provincial-level smart factories.
; ?3 o- L, g* I( E7 c1 ^- y据介绍,眼下,全市正全面实施智造强市五年行动计划,进一步推进智能化改造扩面提标,实现规上企业智能化改造全覆盖,打响“绍兴智造”品牌。2023年,我市将确保完成企业智能化改造860家以上,新创建“未来工厂”2家、省级智能工厂15家。                                       
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