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4月27日和28日 2018年Chinese Talent Days

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Chinese Talent Days(中国人才日)是由CAMPUS CHINA发起的,旨在为行业杰出雇主及在德优秀学子搭建交流平台、提供需求信息、创造合作机遇的专场招聘活动。该活动针对有意回国以及留在德国发展的中国学者学生所举办,来自汽车制造、咨询、化工制药、信息、电子、能源、工程、快消、物流、机械制造、机电以及旅游业等诸多领域的近八十家企业将与1800多名求职者交流并进行现场宣讲及面试。
Bosch Group
Volkswagen Group China
Daimler Greater China Ltd.
Chinese Talent Days每周更新各大参展企业的招聘岗位信息,敬请关注中国人才日微博、微信等官方平台(见文章最下方)。以下是最新博世招聘岗位:
BOSCH JMP_Project Associate
(Beijing) Entry Level Position
Job Responsibilities
- As coordinator and main responsible person for assigned project
- Define and lead the planning and execution of project focusing on tasks, resources, budget, schedule and timeline
- Facilitate the definition of project scope, goals and deliverables, track project deliverables using appropriate tools
- Constantly monitor and report on progress of the project to all stakeholders
- Present reports defining project progress, problems and solutions
- Implement and manage project changes and interventions to achieve project outputs
- Project evaluations and assessment of results
- Provide direction and support to project team
Job Requirements
- Master degree majored in mechanics or related majors from top universities
- Fast learner, strong motivation of self-development
- High potential of leadership, entrepreneurship, good ability of communication and convincing others, good ability of interpersonal skill
- Team player and honest
- ...
Bosch JMP_Producation Associate
(Beijing) Entry Level Position
Bosch Junior Managers Program, is an international wide program designed to attract excellent leadership potential talents for accelerated careers. In our 18 to 24 months personalized program, we offer you 3 to 4 rotations including day-to-day business involvement across different business and functions, international assignment with challenging projects, and an experienced mentor in top management with inspiration, as well as best in class trainings. If you're passionate about the things you do and willing to deliver high performance, we are your top partner to ensure your future career and growth. Develop and grow with us! Join a passionate team!
Job Responsibilities
- Overall production management regarding the topic of quality, delivery, process, cost and people development
- Responsible for planning and controlling regarding production
- Responsible for resources of personnel, material, tools and equipment investment etc.
- Improve efficiency, quality and optimize process.
- Responsible for safety and security issue regarding production - Implement Bosch respective guidelines and standards into production.
- Reporting and presenting on behalf of production
- People management regarding development, competence improvement and conflict handling
- Overall communication and coordination with related functions.
Job Requirements
- Master degree majored in mechanics or related majors from top universities
- …
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1. 展会入场时间是8:30;注意周六下午16:00展会结束(比周五早一个小时)。

2. 入场券需要注册之后自己登录下载,如果没有出现下载链接是因为注册还没有激活成功,可以直接前往现场向门口工作人员说明情况登记即可入场。

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