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[招聘] ICT Europe GmbH is currently looking for a Technical Sales(Account manager) w...

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ICT Europe GmbH is currently looking for a Technical Sales(Account manager) who will be responsible for Direct Sales/Marking/Technical support to Vending/Parking/Transportation/Gaming customers in Eastern Europe and Turkey
- Time frame: May, 2019
- Job location is based in Ratingen, Germany (near Dusseldorf)
- Aggressive/confident and humble/willing to learn
- Fluent English and German C1 communication ability are must
- Speaking Turkish or Chinese are plus
- EE Backgroud is plus
- MS Office (Word, Excel and Outlook) skills
- Quarterly once international business travel to Easten Europe or Turkey for customer visit
- ICT is willing to provide the contract for candidate's working permit application.
- No related sales experience is acceptable, we will provide the on-job training

Please send the resume to Mr. Julin Chiu, Email: [email protected]
ICT Europe GmbH
Hubert-Wollenberg Str.1, D-40878 Ratingen, Germany

About ICT
International Currency Technologies Corp. (ICT) is a premier developer and manufacturer of unattended payment solutions. ICT provides a complete range of products to satisfy the needs of different countries for cash and cashless payment validations and transactions.
We maintain the highest level of service and quality from local distribution to the entire group worldwide. ICT strives to satisfy the specialized requirements of its customers, and launch new products through R&D efforts with a close tab on the market pulse. ICT is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with sales offices and distribution facilities worldwide.
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