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[招聘] 华为(杜塞)招销售业务管理人员Sales Business Management

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华为(杜塞)招销售业务管理人员Sales Business Management

Job location:  Dusseldorf

Main Responsibilities:
1. Assist sales business management in projects management, sales progress management, meeting organization, employee training program, etc.
2. Responsible for customer relationship management, formulating customer relationship improvement goals, monitoring the implementation of key behaviors, and evaluating the achievement of goals
3. Analysis of order/revenue data and projects information

1. Bachelor degree with major in finance, business administration, data analysis or related major
2. Knowledge of sales and  business management
3. Proficient in using  Excel、PPT、Word
4. Good communication and learning capability
5. Good English
6. Process management  or sales experience is preferred

1. English
2. German

Contact info:
Please send your detailed Resume/CV (photo attached) in English via E-Mail to
[email protected] indicating the position you apply for.
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