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[招聘] Kratzer科技公司职位招聘 中国人才日10.25/26线上招聘会报名

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(Shanghai - Pudong)

EntryLevel Position

KRATZERAUTOMATION is an innovative high-tech company for industrial applications. Oursoftware solutions provide efficient and transparent processes for ourdemanding, international customers in the automotive industry and the transportsector.

What makes the position special

·      Workin an international context with a growing company in a future-orientedindustry with a lot of drive.
·      Friendly,collegial team, flat hierarchies and regular team events
·      Structuredon boarding programme for efficient integration
·      Continuouslearning on the job as well as further training opportunities in our KratzerAcademy

Your tasks

·      On-sitecommissioning of different test benches
·      Conductinstallation test until final customer acceptance
·     Fulfill customer’s maintenance contract
·     Maintenance of material
·      Introductionof new devices and technologies as well as functional adaptations
·      Directsupport of our customer in the test field with questions and development ofsolutions
·      Ensuretest bench safety in hardware and software through regular testing andadaptation
·      Regularreporting towards both, customer and internal management

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